7 Strategies How to Negotiate Lower Commercial Rent With Your Landlord

Feeling desperate that you cannot pay the deal with your landlord? Try your best to lower the commercial rent. However, you will never know until you try it. So, here are 7 strategies how to negotiate lower rent with your landlord commercial.

# 1. Do it earlier

If the renewal period will expire for another year, you should do it now. Yes. Negotiate before you realize that you are getting run out of time. It is a way to anticipate the difficulties in dealing with the new price.

# 2. Ask Questions

Try to ask your landlord. Ask it well. Perhaps you can get certainty about the price reduction. You can take this as an opportunity to get closer to you to the landlord. In addition, you must ensure that you still have the opportunity to rent it. So you can avoid the possibility that it will be transferred to another tenant.

# 3. Approach the Other Tenants

Maybe, there are other tenants who had a similar fate. So, you should ask them. Try to discuss the best solution to get a low price. It is a strategy that will work if you do it right.

# 4. Negotiate for Non-Rent Matters

You should think of other ways to get the best deal. If you have a specific business, you may be able to negotiate to the landlord. Give particular bid to get a lower price.

# 5. Give the Best Offers

So, what can you give to the landlord? You may not feel confident to bring down the price. But, you can make the best effort to provide certain offers. So, you have a chance for the best price.

# 6. Ask More

Never stop to get a deal. Make sure that you have done a lot of ways to negotiate with the landlord. Indeed, every person has a different character. And you can face many challenges when dealing with someone. At least, you have delivered what is your problem.

# 7. Be the Best Tenant

Be the best tenants. If you want to get a low price, you would have to adhere to any rules that are applied in the building lease. During the year, you do not create problems in commercial buildings. So, you can become a better person by offering low prices.

However, you should try many strategies for lowering rents. Explain everything in detail to the landlord. And you can take advantage of it.

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